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The 2019 FIG CALENDAR is out!

Every year, the FIG produces a stunning 12-page calendar containing pictures of the previous year’s Gymnastics world champions, all disciplines included.

The calendar for 2019 will commemorate precious moments from the 2018 World Championships and the Youth Olympic Games captured by FIG official photographer Volker Minkus. It features action shots of the Gymnastics stars who have lit up this past year, such as Simone Biles, Artur Dalaloyan, Dina Averina and Rosie MacLennan to name just a few.

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2019 FIG Calendar
2019 FIG Calendar
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World of Gymnastics Magazine
An official triannual publication of the FIG, the World of Gymnastics (WOG) magazine, is available online starting with issue 72 from June 2014. The paper edition was originally a joint production between the FIG and AIPS (International Sports Press Association), running from 1979-91. In June 1991, the first issue (Number 0) appeared under the sole direction of the FIG.
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Since 2010, the FIG has published high quality videos, competition highlights, archived live streams and news clips on its YouTube channel which also features technical videos and individual routines from World Championship qualifications.
Figymnastics mobile Application
FIGymnastics, the FIG's official mobile application, is the go-to app for Gymnastics news and information. With live scoring, explanatory videos, exclusive photos, competition breakdowns and social media feeds, the app is designed to provide fans with up-to-the-minute facts and information from FIG events. Key dates in the history of the disciplines, a roster of champions and all-time greats, as well as explanatory content for those new to the sport round off the comprehensive information provided.
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