Election of the Executive Committee

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Round 1st 2nd 3rd
Ballots handed out W 130 M 130 130 130
Ballots given back W 126 M 129 127 130
Ballots valid W 126 M 129 127 130
Ballots not valid W 0 M 0 0 0
Abstentions W 0 M 0 0 0
Votes obtained
Title Name Fed. Status 1st 2nd 3rd
1Ms.KIM NellieCurrent VP
2Mr.CARBALLO MARTINEZ JesusCurrent9734
3Mr.TANSKANEN JaniCurrent3036
4Mr.AL-HITMI AliCurrent
5Mr.TITOV VassilyCurrent VP313060
6Mr.ALTABBAA YoussefCurrent71945
7Mr.MIAO ZhongyiNew40
9Ms.INCHEH DARGAHI ZahraNew51012
10Mr.PENICHE AlejandroNew42440
11Ms.GELDENHUYS-VENTER ValereisNew6159
12Ms.KEMPFF MoniqueNew5624
13Ms.NORTON CynthiaNew102118
14Ms.FUMEA MariaNew4367
15Mr.KOLAR EdvardNew7639
16Mr.CELEN SuatNew
17Ms.LEUNG Li LiNew53
18Mr.MUSTAEV RuslanNew1524