The FIG Bulletin is the official historical document of the International Gymnastics Federation containing information and decisions taken by its General Assembly, Council, and Executive Committee. It also contains the succinct minutes from Gymnastics for All and other disciplines.

The FIG Bulletin is a public and historical document.

The FIG Bulletin was published for the first time on March 5, 1953 by incumbent President Count Goblet D'Alviella and Secretary General Charles Thoeni.

The frequency with which the Bulletin has been published over the years has varied, settling on three editions yearly since 1994.

General Guidelines

The Secretary General (Publisher) is in charge of the Bulletin. The FIG Media Officer (Editor) is responsible of the content. The Bulletin is published in French and English. In case of dispute, the original text shall prevail.

The Bulletin and its content are accessible to all. Consequentially, there are no restrictions on distribution. Texts and illustrations in the Bulletin may be reproduced with author/source citation.

The Bulletin is published three times annually (3), and is distributed from Lausanne on the following dates: April 30, August 31 and December 31.

A special edition (1) covers the Congress and General Assembly once every two years, and is distributed in keeping with the statutory guidelines outlined in art. 11.16.1, which governs proposals submitted for vote by the FIG delegates.


The Bulletin is divided into three (3) sections: Magazine, Official News and Minutes.


This section covers the calendar, the list of FIG Certificate holding manufacturers and suppliers, obituaries or tributes to active gymnasts, active elected members, honorary presidents and vice-presidents (text and portrait); Honorary members (text only); Holders of Silver or Bronze Medals of Recognition (mention only). Based on a decision by the Editor, any person having contributed to the FIG or to sport in general, former champions, international sport authorities, etc. (text and portrait).

Official News

This section contains a summary of decisions taken by the General Assembly, Council, Executive Committee.

Minutes - Reports

This section contains the minutes for the General Assembly, Council, Technical Committees (summary), Commissions (case by case).

NB: The Executive Committee Minutes is a confidential document released to members only.