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Norway - National Head Coach Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Applications open
from : Mar. 24, 2020
to : Apr. 30, 2020

The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation has more than 112.000 members and is Norway’s oldest Sports Federation. The federation organizes Gymnastics for All and competitions within MAG, WAG, RG, as well as Wheel Gymnastics and TeamGym.

The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation decided during the National Assembly in 2016 that we should further develop our top sports activities, and through this make it possible for gymnasts within Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and RG to aim for participation in the coming Olympics 2020-2024 and onwards. Based on this decision, we started the development in 2017. The current National Head Coach will retire during this year, and we are now looking for his successor as National Head Coach within Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

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