Fujitsu Judging Support System


The International Gymnastics Federation and Fujitsu have been collaborating on building a Judging Support System since 2017, and it has been officially used at Competitions since 2019

Our 3 goals for the further development of the Gymnastics

  • Global expansion of Judging Support System (JSS) to reinforce the fairness of judging
  • Providing greater safety and education through the use of ICT in training
  • Increasing Fan Base with entertainment contents

Partnership with Fujitsu

Fijutsu Roadmap

2019 Official Use at World Championships in Stuttgart

JSS Stuttgart

Multi Angle View Function was used for SRs, PH, VT (WAG&MAG) in case of inquiries or blocked scores.

2020 Official Use at Friendship & Solidarity Competition in Tokyo

Friendship & Solidarity Competition

Element recognition function was used to calculate D score for Vault.

Overview of Judging Support System

The Judging Support System is a tool that will assist judges in coming to accurate determination of elements by capturing the gymnasts' movements with 3D sensors and analyzing them as numerical data.

JSS Overview

Fujitsu Skeleton Recognition

Image of Balance Beam

Fujitsu Balance Beam

Future Plans

Additional 2 apparatus (HB and UB) will be tested at Kitakyushu World Championships in 2021. Beyond 2021, the system is planned to be completed to add 5 more apparatuses to cover all 10 apparatus by the year 2024 It will bring a new revolution as such sport evaluation.

This technology has the ability to making judging more accurate while providing greater safety and education for gymnasts. Additional sport presentation information will also be available for enhanced viewing by spectators within the arena, through television, or social media.

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