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Born in the fitness explosion of the 1970s and 1980s, Aerobic Gymnastics fuses mainstream Aerobic exercise sequences - including its seven basic steps combined with arm movements - with Gymnastics difficulty elements, original/creative transitions, collaborations and interactions between members, and lifts. The routines are inspired by the music, performed in sync with a driving beat and phrases, and using its melody and theme as a whole.

Competitive Aerobic Gymnastics offers several platforms for showcasing the discipline's variety and creativity. Gymnasts may compete singly, or in Mixed Pairs, Trios, Groups of five or in the case of Aerobic Dance and Aerobic Step, teams of eight. In all categories, continuous movement covers all the competition space, including floor and aerial movements to the music.

Major Events

World Championships

World championships are held biennially in even years and have been contested on four continents. First held in 1995 with 34 nations participating, the world championships are the pinnacle of the sport.

World Cup

The FIG World Cup competitions are highlights of the international calendar for Aerobic Gymnastics. The World Cup series includes all events, and a point system determines a world ranking and overall series champion.

The World Games

Aerobic Gymnastics is part of the programme at the World Games, a multi-event quadrennial games for sports not in the Olympic Games. Aerobic Gymnastics was recognised by the International World Games Association in 1997 in time to join the programme for the fifth World Games in Finland.

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