Rhythmic Gymnastics






The Apparatus Program for Individual Gymnasts is composed by four exercises, one with each apparatus: Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon.

For the groups' competition, the program is composed by 2 exercises according to the table below:

Apparatus Programme

About Rhythmic Gymnastics



The basics

Material: Hemp or similar material
Diameter: According to the size of the gymnast
Colour: optional (bright colour preferred)

The specifics

Rope exercises include mainly leaps and skipping trough the rope. Other elements as swings throws rotation and figures are also part of the rope compositions. Nowadays, rope is only used in Junior competitions (group and Individual) and in Senior group competitions.




The basics

Material: Plastic or wood.
Interior diameter: 80-90 cm
Weight: Minimum 300 grams

The specifics

Of all the apparatus in Rhythmic Gymnastics, the hoop offers the greatest possible variety of movements and elements, leading to some of the most expressive and original routines. The hoop must be used on all levels and planes during a routine as it is rolled, rotated, thrown, caught, swung and circled.




The basics

Material: Rubber or synthetic material
Diameter: 18-20 cm
Weight: 400 grams

The specifics

Ball exercises are by tradition elegant and lyrical, with flowing rather than fast-paced movements. The ball should rest in the gymnast’s hand and not against the wrist when held during the performance. Gripping the ball is not allowed.




The basics

Material: Wood or synthetic material
Length: 40-50 cm long
Weight: 150 grams each

The specifics

Keeping track of two clubs is hard work. Their handling requires excellent motor skills, hand-eye coordination and clockwork precision. Clubs are especially popular with ambidextrous gymnasts, who excel at the required circles, figure eights, throws and catches.




The basics

Material: Satin, or a similar material without starch
Length: 6 meter
Width: 4-6 cm

The specifics

The ribbon, which trails from a slight wood, bamboo or fiberglass stick, is the most eye-catching apparatus in all of Gymnastics. The ribbon is in continuous motion throughout the routine, creating clearly outlined designs in space, including circles, "snakes" and figure eights.