Women's Artistic Gymnastics






Vault is the fastest event and features a gymnast propelling themselves over a vaulting table at full sprint, flipping or twisting back onto the mat. Uneven bars involves gymnasts performing swinging elements around two asymmetric bars, frequently releasing the bar and recatching it, while Balance Beam involves tumbling, acrobatics, choreography and dance elements on a narrow beam only 10 cm wide. Floor Exercises is the only event set to music and features tumbling, leaps, turns and choreography on a spring-loaded mat.


About Women's Artistic



The basics

Length of the vaulting table: 1.20 meters.
Width of the vaulting table: 95 cm. Gymnasts approach at a run from up to 25 meters back.

The specifics

Each vault has a value according to its difficulty. Two different vaults are required to qualify to event finals on the apparatus, where the final score is the average of the two. Vaults should demonstrate great height and amplitude, and finish in a controlled landing.


Uneven Bars


The basics

Height of the upper bar: 2.5 meters.
Height of the lower bar: 1.7 meters. The upper bar may be raised 10 cm upon request to accommodate taller gymnasts.

The specifics

Continuous swinging and transitions between the bars are the predominant movements on this apparatus. Exercises should include elements that require swinging forward and backward, grip changes and at least one skill where the gymnast releases and re-catches the bar. A spectacular dismount often ends the routine.


Balance Beam


The basics

Height of the Beam: 1.25 meters. Length of the Beam: 5 meters.
Width of the Beam: 10 cm

The specifics

A Beam routine consists of a variety of acrobatic elements, including leaps, jumps, turns, and balance elements, including dazzling series of flips and somersaults. The gymnast should use the entire length of the beam to show off her elegance, flexibility, rhythm and self-control.


Floor Exercise


The basics

The floor mat measures 12 x 12 meters with an additional 1m safety border at its edge.

The specifics

Accompanied by music to enhance the performance, the Floor Exercise should combine dance sequences and tumbling. Ideally, the focus is on self-expression, with the gymnast presenting a performance, not a routine of prescribed movements. Gymnasts should strive to use the whole floor area. Individuality, originality, maturity, mastery and artistry in presentation are key ingredients for a good score.