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International Recognition for Albertine Goncalves


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has appointed as an expert within its Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, Mrs Albertine Goncalves, President of the Senegalese Federation of Gymnastics.



This nomination is a tribute to the work of this pioneer of Senegalese and African sport. All athletes from across the continent are indebted to her efforts to promote and develop the sport in general and the integration including the participation of women at all levels of administration, for many years. Albertine Goncalves was promoted to the title of Expert by the IOC and its Commission chaired by Mr Lambis V. Nikolaou (GRE), on April 02, 2014.


A Pioneer

Indeed, Albertine Goncalves became the first African female president of an national sports federation, when she chaired, in 1983, the Senegalese Cycling Federation and the same year was nominated a member of the International Amateur Cycling Federation (FIAC reunified with FICP into UCI in 1992) Executive Committee.


Albertine Goncalves has always been a militant figure for the participation and advancement of women in the sporting world. Her unfailing commitment was awarded in 2006 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with the famous “Women and Sports” trophy.


Busy as ever, she is still today President of the National Committee for the Promotion of Gymnastics, the official FIG affiliated national Federation for Senegal, a position she has held since 1988.


Time of Honours for
Ron Froehlich


In conjunction with its Statutory General Assembly held in Belek (TUR) on 7 April 2014, the International World Games Association (IWGA) made outgoing President Ron Froehlich (USA) its Life Honorary President. This award comes as recognition of an exemplary career and concludes his functions at the head of the IWGA he has been occupying since 1992.



TYet, 75-year old Ron Froehlich shall not quit the forefront of the international sports scene since he will pursue his mandate as Auditor and Referrer at the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).


From his birth in January 1939 in South Africa to the south of the United States where he is now established, Ron Froehlich led an outstanding professional career by making the best use of his managing talents in the financial and sports equipment circles.


In parallel to his daily activities associated with the relevant duties and liabilities, Ron committed himself to sport and sports management. He first acted as a volunteer in 1962 in Johannesburg where he worked as the treasurer of the Amateur Trampoline South African Federation. Step by step, jump by jump he went up the hierarchy of the discipline first at the national level and then at the international level when he was elected President of the FIT in 1990.


The Olympic dream

In his head and in his heart also, Ron secretly dreamt of seeing his discipline, Trampoline, shines at the peak of the Mount Olympus. A dream, not to say an utopia knowing the reluctance, to say the least, of the IOC to welcome new disciplines on its programme. On 22 September 2000 at 8.40 pm, it is a Ron Froehlich moved with emotion as can be imagined who expressed his overwhelming sense of joy. He awarded with joy-filled eyes the first Olympic medal of the history of Trampoline to Irina Karavaea under the applause and cheering of the audience of the Sydney SuperDome entirely committed to this new discipline.


An exemplary career

He was elected President of the International World Games Association in 1992 after having gone up all the hierarchical steps. The same year, he was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of AGFIS (General Association of International Sports Federations), renamed today Sportaccord. In 1997, he chaired the ARISF, the Association of International Federations of recognised sports. In 2001 he has been elected to the presidency of “USA Gymnastics” Council and joining USOC (the USA NOC). He is today member of the IOC Olympic Programme Commission.