14th FIG Council Kuwait City (KUW) May 9-10, 2014

After long discussions, the Council has accepted the principles for a new calendar and qualification system for the Olympic Games 2020. The Executive Committee can now implement the update of all detailed rules and regulations, to be decided by the Council in May 2015 and which will be valid for the Olympic Cycle 2017 – 2020.


Several proposed modifications of the Technical Regulations were submitted by the Executive Committee to the Council which is the statutory body empowered to approve them. The decisions below are approved by the Council.


Over view of the main modifications:


General Regulations

Art. 10.3: Medals and diplomas of team competitions shall be awarded to the entire team, including the reserve gymnast and the coach.

Art. 4.11.2: The temperature and humidity levels shall from now on be provided for in the contract signed between FIG and the Organiser. This decision results from the temperature issue encountered during the 2013 World Games in Cali (COL).


Artistic Gymnastics

Art. 4.2: Qualifying Competition I: Cancellation of the obligation to take part in at least 3 (men) / 2 (women) apparatus to try and qualify to Competition III. This measure is meant for specialists to incite them to take part in one apparatus only.


Aerobic Gymnastics

Art. While World Championships used to take place in June (4 days), they will now take place during the first half of May. Indeed, June is the period of University exams (in Europe in particular) and many gymnasts take them.

Rhythmic Gymnastics – Olympic Qualification – Art. 3.2 (in force for the 2016 Olympics)

Individual gymnasts: there will be from now 26 qualified (24 before), i.e.:

        • Top 15 gymnasts from the All-Around (CII) competition
           of the 2015 Worlds

        • 6 gymnasts from the All-Around (CI) competition of test

        • 5 gymnasts representing the continents and the host

Groups: the number of qualified gymnasts is up to 14 (12 before). A group is made of 5 gymnasts:

        • Top 10 from Competition I of the 2015 Worlds

        • Top 3 of test event

        • 1 group for the host country

The Council also made the following decisions:

The 2013 accounts and the revised budget 2014 have been approved. The Council will propose to the General Assembly in October to accept the modifications of the Quadrennial Plan.

For lack in their financial obligations, the following federations have been suspended with immediate effect: BOL, BOT, GRE, JAM, MNE and TKM.

• The Council has provisionally accepted the admission of Central African Republic (CAR), as associated federation and of Bosnia Herzegovina (BIH), Sudan (SUD), Uganda (UGA), Kosovo (KOS) and Zambia (ZAM) as affiliated federations. The final admission will be decided by the Congress 2014 in Tashkent (UZB).

The 48th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2018 have been allocated to the Federation of Qatar, City of Doha. The proposed dates October 12 to 28, 2018, have to be confirmed.




The 15th FIG Council will take place in Melbourne (AUS), May 11- 17, 2015.


André F. Gueisbuhler FIG Secretary General