Welcome to Nanning!

by Dr Luo Chaoyi, President of the Chinese Gymnastics Association


Nanning 2014

In less than 4 months’ time, the 45th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships will be held in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. Competition will take place from October 3rd to October 12th.


We would like to express great appreciation to the FIG, for giving us the honor and trusting the Chinese Gymnastics Association to host this great gymnastics event. We shall aim to warmly welcome the vast gymnastics talent making its way to this gathering from countries and regions all over the world!


As an active affiliated member of the FIG, we shall do our part to contribute to the gymnastics in the world and sincerely hope to promote mutual understanding, friendship, and exchanges among our gymnastics colleagues so as to further developments in the sport and, add to the FIG’s luster. We are fully confident that under FIG guidance, the 45th Artistic World Gymnastics will be a complete success.


Nanning is full of colorful attractions with a pronounced Zhuang cultural flavor, as well as distinctive features. It is also afforested, and known to all as China’s “Green City”.


Guided by FIG officials during the past few years, the Chinese Gymnastics Association and the Nanning People’s Government have prepared for this competition, building halls and facilities, working out the logistics of transportation, hosting, volunteer service and media coverage. We are proud of your confidence, and of now being able to put the finishing touches on an organization worthy of the FIG, so as to offer the best possible conditions for the participants.


We wish to extend our gratitude in advance to the gymnasts and their delegations for the days of competition and celebrations to come.


We are looking forward to meeting the gymnasts, coaches and team leaders from all over the world at this gathering in Nanning in the best season — autumn, a golden October.