The Gymnastics community consists of amateur and licenced (professional) gymnasts, with the former representing the grass roots of the sport and the latter the elite, which competes at international level.

Amateur gymnasts

Innumerable amateur gymnasts of all ages regularly practice Gymnastics in a club.

This population represents the base of the FIG pyramid, on which the elite gymnasts are supported. These gymnasts at the base are also actors and ambassadors of Gymnastics for All in the world and are those that make up our audience, as spectators in the venues or as TV viewers.

Licenced gymnasts

Since the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in 2009 in London (GBR), each gymnast competing at a FIG-sanctioned event must present their licence on arrival at the competition venue. The figures in the table below indicate the number of gymnasts who hold a licence in each discipline. Participants in Gymnastics for All events do not need a licence.

Population by gender

FIG, in all its activities, is predominantly female. The table shows the number of active age group and senior athletes with a valid FIG licence by gender in the different disciplines.

The FIG has set up a Gender Equality Commission to ensure a fair and equal representation of both genders across all FIG disciplines and throughout the FIG authorities.

Disciplines Senior Age groups Active athletes  
  Men Women Men Women Men Women Total
Men's Artistic Gymnastics 1177   434   1611   1611
Women's Artistic Gymnastics   1117   582   1699 1699
Rhythmic Gymnastics   1201   1055   2256 2256
Trampoline Gymnastics 738 685 450 598 1188 1283 2471
Acrobatic Gymnastics 287 558 64 290 351 848 1199
Aerobic Gymnastics 224 502 146 1248 370 1750 2120
Parkour 176 51     176 51 227
Total 2602 4114 1094 3773 3696 7887 11583

Figures valid as of the

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