Mission and Values


To govern the sport of Gymnastics internationally

As the international body governing Gymnastics and related sports, the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique sets the sporting rules and technical regulations that are applicable worldwide.

Among the most significant rules are the Codes of Points for each discipline. These reference documents are instrumental in giving general direction to the sport, both through the values granted to the various elements and combinations, and through the penalties imposed for errors.

To organise international competitions

The FIG organises:

  • the World Championships in Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Acrobatic and Aerobic Gymnastics and Parkour
  • the World Gymnaestrada and the World Gym for Life Challenge – two major events of Gymnastics for All
  • the World Cup and World Challenge Cup events in each discipline.

National federations affiliated to the FIG can bid to host these events, with hosting rights then allocated by the Council or the Executive Committee.

The FIG also supervises the Gymnastics competitions:

  • at the Olympic Games
  • at the Youth Olympic Games
  • at The World Games
  • at other multicontinental events or multisport games.

To further the ideals of the Olympic movement

The FIG, which has been part of the Olympic Movement since the first Olympic Games of the modern era in 1896, embraces the three core Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect.

That means that its activities follow the Olympic philosophy, based on the joy of effort, the educational value of a good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.

Part of the FIG’s mission is to help the establishment of national federations in countries where Gymnastics is underdeveloped and to provide assistance with apparatus donations.

To protect positive values in Gymnastics

Within Gymnastics sports, the FIG is committed to upholding and promoting:

  • Safety

The health and wellbeing of athletes, as well as of any participant, must be a priority. Everyone has the right to enjoy Gymnastics in an environment free from threats of intimidation, harassment and abuse.

  • Fairness and integrity

As fair and accurate judging is crucial for the credibility of Gymnastics sports, the FIG focuses on education and technological innovations to prevent bias and human error. It has no tolerance for any form of cheating, including doping.

  • Inclusiveness

The FIG supports efforts to ensure that any individual has the possibility to practise sport without discrimination of any kind.

  • Ethics and good governance

The FIG established an independent body, the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF), in January 2019 to ensure that violations of FIG rules, policies and procedures, including ethical breaches, are handled in an unbiased way.

  • Sustainability

The FIG encourages initiatives to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in taking measures to mitigate the impacts that major events and meetings can have on the environment.

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