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The Council is the second highest authority of the FIG. It is the annual legislative assembly of 45 delegates from five continents.

The Council is composed of :

  • The FIG President, the three FIG Vice-Presidents and the 7 elected members of the Executive Committee
  • 21 Council members elected at the Congress
  • The 6 Technical Committee Presidents and the President of the Gymnastics for All Committee
  • The 5 Presidents of the Continental Unions
  • The President of the Athletes' Commission

The FIG Council is an important decision-making body. It notably falls to the Council to allocate the World Championships, the World Gymnaestrada and the World Gym for Life Challenge and to revise the Technical Regulations and the Gymnastics For All rules and regulations.

The Council also considers the President’s Report, ratifies the acts of the Executive Committee, approves the annual financial reports including budget, can grant provisional membership of national federations, adopts and revises the Code of Discipline, and ensures that the decisions of Congress, and of any Extraordinary Congress, are properly implemented.

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