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Testing programme



The RTP means Registered Testing Pool and is the list composed of top level Gymnasts established by the FIG. Each National Federation or National Anti-doping Organization (NADO) may also establish their own RTPs.

The FIG recognizes that effective Out-of-Competition Testing (OOCT) programme is essential to the fight against doping in sport. It also recognizes that effective OOCT depends upon accurate and complete gymnasts’ whereabouts information.

As a result, the Code and the FIG Anti-doping Rules require Gymnasts in Registered Testing Pools :

  • to provide detailed information, on a quarterly basis, about their whereabouts in the following quarter.
  • to be available at those whereabouts for Out-of-Competition Testing.

If an Athlete in a Registered Testing Pool fails to meet those requirements 3 or more times in any 12-month period, he/she commits an anti-doping rule violation under Code Article 2.4, and is liable to be banned from sport for a period of between 12 and 24 months (or more if it is a repeat offence).

RTP inclusion criteria

The criteria is updated at least every year and gymnasts concerned as well as their respective National Federations are duly informed of their inclusion or removal from the RTP. FIG may add any gymnast in the RTP at any time, and the selection criteria may also be amended as needed by the FIG.

Testing program

Of course, to be able to maintain a clean sport and deter eventual cheaters, the anti-doping department at FIG must conduct tests. All the information provided in these pages relate by far or close to testing Gymnasts. There are two types of tests that can be conducted.

Out-of-competition Testing Program

As it name says, this program aims to test Gymnasts with no-advance notice while they are not competing, when they are training, resting, working, etc. To be able to test Gymnasts Out-of-competition, FIG must be provided with Whereabouts from a selected number of top-level Gymnasts (RTP, previously described in this page) through ADAMS. However, any Gymnast can be tested out-of-competition, even if he or she is not listed in the RTP.

In-competition Testing Program

Tests are also conducted during a competition. Gymnasts can be chosen to be tested for several reasons :

  • They may be drawn from a sub-division, a group or from the entire competition participants list.
  • They may be selected depending on their placing in a single competition day or on the final ranking (medals).
  • They may be targeted for testing for any reason ranging from sudden performance improvement, significant world ranking progress, noticeable physical shape change, to previous atypical findings, or for any other reason the FIG may have.

In-competition tests are mandatory at all FIG World Championships, FIG World Cups and Major Events (Olympic Games, World Games, Continental Games, Universiades, etc.).

The FIG is responsible for managing the results of its own Events (World Championships and World Cups), as well as Continental Championships events.