Only international level gymnasts can request an ADAMS account to submit a TUE to FIG.

Please see the FIG TUE application Process in ordre to help you to submit your TUE.

If you are an international level gymnast competing at an FIG Competition or International Event and you need to use a substance that is prohibited according to the WADA prohibited list, you need to obtain the approval of the FIG Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC) before the use of the substance. Any TUE request to FIG has to be submitted through the ADAMS system only.

International level gymnasts shall apply to the following:

  • Gymnasts who are part of the FIG Registered Testing Pool.
  • Gymnasts with a valid FIG licence who participate in FIG International Events published on the FIG website.

If you are NOT an international level gymnast according to the criterias above the TUE request must be done to your National Anti-Doping Organisation.

If you do not have an ADAMS account and you are an international level gymnast, the first step to make, is to request one hereunder. Once your request has been submitted, the FIG Anti-doping Manager will send you an email with your ADAMS account login details.